Interview with the TechSquare Founders, Brand Embassy and Lonely Sock, in Prague

Episode 08

For this interview, BrightLounge travels to Prague, one of the most visited historic centers in Europe and the home town of TechSquare, a startup accelerator with bold projects. We meet with and interview the founders of TechSquare: Nikola Rafaj and Petra Hubačová, who also organized TEDxPrague this summer.

Founded in 2011, TechSquare partnered with Credo Ventures to help some of the most talented young entrepreneurs in Prague turn their ideas into global businesses.

Meeting the startups at TechSquare, many of whom were still in the pre-launch stage, was a great experience. In this episode we included footage from inside TechSquare, including short intro interviews with Brand Embassy and Lonely Sock Games, two startups that managed to grow beyond local and became successful shortly after launch.

During our visit in Prague we attended two events organized by TechSquare. The first was a Mini Seedcamp for budding entrepreneurs and young startups where we got to meet Eduard Kucera, founder and CEO of Avast, one of the most popular antivirus programs in the world. Next we joined a group of entrepreneurs at the Czech premiere of Something Ventured, an event organized by TechSquare and Credo Ventures.

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