Interview with Bogdan Ripa of Adobe Romania and Business Catalyst + Apps for Designers

Episode 06

Bogdan Rîpă and his partner Alexandru Costin are some of the few Romanian entrepreneurs that built successful software companies in the last decade. In 2006 they were acquired by Adobe and now have been given the task of taking Business Catalyst to the next level and preparing it for the Creative Cloud.

Alexandru and Bogdan are managing a team of over 200 people at Adobe Romania and working on re-designing and improving the BC platform. BrightLounge visited the team in Bucharest, Romania, shared our thoughts and wishes for Business Catalyst, and talked with Bogdan about his story and the strategic choices he had to make after becoming part of Adobe. It was a great experience and unique opportunity to meet the team at Adobe Romania, and we are excited to share this interview with you, whether you are web designers that are Business Catalyst veterans like us, or you just started using it as part of the Creative Cloud.

Since we are talking about entrepreneurs creating successful businesses, the remainder of this episode of BrightLounge is about some of the tools, apps and processes in our workflows, that we use every day working at Velora Studios and on other projects.

It’s always useful to learn about other designer’s workflows and favorite applications, so we have included a bunch of examples for you, such as:

  • using Text Expander to save time writing e-mails and code
  • saving images of your designs and using Kaleidoscope to see the adjustments
  • using RescueTime and to-do lists to manage your time effectively
  • finding the right color schemes with ColorSchemer
  • using Cornerstone as part of the your development practice

We would love to hear your thoughts on how can designers spend less time on routine tasks and become more productive. Also, if you have suggestions for future topics or know of a great guest for the next BrightLounge, send an e-mail or connect with us on Twitter!

Enjoy and remember to share this episode with your friends!