Interview with UX Designer Marko Dugonjic in Croatia, and a Guide to Building Web Apps

Episode 05

Croatia is a top rated country in Europe, and a fantastic location for nature-lovers. Besides visiting the famous Plitvice Lakes Park, we met up with UX designer and developer Marko Dugojnic, one of the most respected web standards professionals in Europe. He is also the creator of TypeTester, a nifty app helping web designers test fonts in the browser, and a speaker. Marko shares his story and a couple of tips on typography and how to become a top UX designer.

Web application development becomes our favorite topic for this episode, as we continue to talk about the tools and resources a web entrepreneur needs to build a great web app: from planning, to project management, to development and testing to pricing and launching. We discuss how to:

  1. Plan to release a minimum viable product and decide what features need the most attention before launch
  2. Choose a framework or toolkit for getting started quickly with your web app
  3. Find dead-simple solutions for implementing specific features, such as real-time notifications and functionality, or a simple and solid payment gateway.
  4. Test and optimize your app before launching
  5. Build a user-base and promote your product

It’s a laid back episode with a bunch of useful tips and information. So enjoy and let us know about your own experience with building a web app!