Interview with Couturier Cary Santiago and the Future of E-commerce, in the Philippines

Episode 04

The creative industry of fashion design has always had an intriguing relationship with technology. This episode we travel to Cebu, Philippines, to meet and interview couturier Cary Santiago, and learn about his unique use of laser cutting in fashion design.

Apart from discovering Cary’s fascinating story, we continued exploring the exciting islands of the Philippines. It may sound like a paradox, but spending some time on an isolated island in the Philippines, where so many things we’ve grown accustom to in modern life are brought back to basics, it got us thinking about the future. What is the future of e-commerce? What is the future of customer service? How is augmented reality going to play a part? These are a few questions we discussed in this episode. After learning our way around the area, we found a beautiful spot on the coast in Moalboal to relax and continue talking about current trends, augmented reality, mobile apps and e-commerce.

Entrepreneurs and designers, what are your thoughts on the future of e-commerce? What do you want to see happening? Let us know on twitter, @BrightLounge. Learn more about laser-cutting in fashion design and the future of e-commerce in our interview with Cary Santiago.

We hope that we will inspire you to travel some place new in the world. For anyone, especially creative people, traveling somewhere new can really help you learn about the world and bring inspiration to your work. Travel has inspired many of Cary’s designs, and of course it is an inspiration for us as well.

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