Tips for Traveling Freelancers, Identity Designer Jacob Cass via Skype, in Sinaia, Romania

Episode 02

Every episode of BrightLounge we travel to a different country, interview a new creative person and tell a new story. This time, we are in Romania, sharing our experience about freelancing while traveling and when multitasking can be good or bad. Our guest is identity designer Jacob Cass (through Skype, from New York), who is an experienced traveler as well, having traveled to 34 countries.

First we talk about freelancing while traveling. We share our thoughts on what items and applications are essential for traveling. Here’s a short summary of a few of the items we covered:

  • Dropbox: keep files in sync and avoid having to manually move them back to your desktop when returning home.
  • Skype: use and online number so you can call clients and they can call you at no extra charge. Also great for when you need to make a call locally in the country you are traveling in.
  • Apple Airport Express: a great travel item because it will allow you to quickly setup your own secure wifi network either by connecting it to a router or ethernet.
  • Remote Desktop Access: Make sure you are able to access files back home if needed. We recommend LogMeIn and Apple remote desktop.
  • Bootable Backup of Hard Drive: A backup is necessary If your laptop hard drive fails while traveling.
  • Strong VPN: Access websites that require a US IP address. Can be used for online banking or for familiar entertainment like Netflix and Pandora.
  • Travel Adapters: Bring a few to get everything plugged in. Also a solar charger for your phone can be useful to keep your battery charged while on the move.

If you have any additional tips or questions for freelancing while traveling, tell us on Twitter @BrightLounge.

As for the second topic, we explain the challenge of multitasking when working on a computer. We talk about some of our favorite apps for keeping productive and aware of time. Check out Awareness for a non-invasive way to keep track of time spent on the computer and Fluid to turn any website into an app in your dock.

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