Startup Bus SXSW, Qwiki, and Ilija Studen of ActiveCollab in Novi Sad Serbia

Episode 01

Welcome to BrightLounge, a laid back podcast about design, startups and technology, featuring interviews with inspiring creative people around the world. In BrightLounge 01 you learn who we are and how we started this podcast.

Also, we interview Ilija Studen (@istdn), founder of activeCollab – a powerful project management and collaboration tool that can be hosted on your server or local network. We’ve been using activeCollab ourselves since 2008, so we traveled to Novi Sad, Serbia, where the team is located. We hung out with Ilija, talked about what’s in store for version 3.0 and learned the story behind the product from the founder himself.

Additionally, three new apps made the second topic of our first episode: WalkIn, TripMedi (winners at Startup Bus, during SXSW in March 2011) and Qwiki. What are these apps designed to do? What new concepts are they built on and who can mostly benefit from using them? We found a couple of answers, weighted the pros and cons for each of them and wrapped it up with a big thanks to Vzaar, for providing video hosting for our show.

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