BrightLounge has come to an end. Thank you to everyone!

We had a great time filming and sharing BrightLounge between 2010 and 2015.

We were the first video podcast and TV series that would go around the world to film interviews with creative entrepreneurs. In total we filmed in 11 countries and 15 cities.

Over the years we were fortunate to be able to feature and share well known guests and companies like ActiveCollab, Adobe, Bryan Cranston, Cary Santiago, Frog Design, RKS Design, Wacom and many more.

The show was available on demand on Smart TV’s across Europe until 2015. Episodes from the first season will remain on youtube for now for those who would like to be able to watch them again.

Interview with the TechSquare Founders, Brand Embassy and Lonely Sock, in Prague

For this interview, BrightLounge travels to Prague, one of the most visited historic centers in Europe and the home town of TechSquare, a startup accelerator with bold projects. We meet with and interview the founders of TechSquare: Nikola Rafaj and Petra Hubačová, who also organized TEDxPrague this summer.

Founded in 2011, TechSquare partnered with Credo Ventures to help some of the most talented young entrepreneurs in Prague turn their ideas into global businesses.

Meeting the startups at TechSquare, many of whom were still in the pre-launch stage, was a great experience. In this episode we included footage from inside TechSquare, including short intro interviews with Brand Embassy and Lonely Sock Games, two startups that managed to grow beyond local and became successful shortly after launch.

During our visit in Prague we attended two events organized by TechSquare. The first was a Mini Seedcamp for budding entrepreneurs and young startups where we got to meet Eduard Kucera, founder and CEO of Avast, one of the most popular antivirus programs in the world. Next we joined a group of entrepreneurs at the Czech premiere of Something Ventured, an event organized by TechSquare and Credo Ventures.

We hope that you enjoy watching this episode, and if you have suggestions for our future episodes, we would love to hear them! You can reach us via e-mail or Twitter @brightlounge.

Interview with John Turturro of 3 Palms Project and A Tour of Dwell on Design in LA

Dwell on Design is by far one of the most renown conferences on interior design and architecture in the US. This year, Dwell brought some of the most prominent names in the sustainable design to Los Angeles, including Bryan Cranston, Emmy Award winning actor and sustainability advocate.

We arrived in LA just in time for Dwell on Design, so this episode is all about sustainability, green architecture and innovation in design. We bring you an interview with John Turturro, the Project Manager of 3Palms Project. 3Palms is one of the greenest homes in the US, a LEED Platinum certified house that Bryan Cranston is building, with the help of an exceptional team, in Los Angeles, California.

In addition to our interview with John Turturro, we talked with the leaders in pre-fab green buildings, such as BluHomes and Altius Architecture. We also met Resource Furniture, a company carrying a wide selection of multifunctional, space-saving furniture, and Architecture for Humanity, a non-profit organization empowering architects to create sustainable solutions for communities in need.

The collection of interviews in this episode of our video podcast is a reminder of the collective effort to make the sustainable design the norm, not the trend. Each company or architect present at this event wanted to send a clear message, that making responsable choices is a professional duty.

What do you think the future home needs or should look like? Send us your thoughts or join the conversation on Twitter on sustainable design!

Interview with Bogdan Ripa of Adobe Romania and Business Catalyst + Apps for Designers

Bogdan Rîpă and his partner Alexandru Costin are some of the few Romanian entrepreneurs that built successful software companies in the last decade. In 2006 they were acquired by Adobe and now have been given the task of taking Business Catalyst to the next level and preparing it for the Creative Cloud.

Alexandru and Bogdan are managing a team of over 200 people at Adobe Romania and working on re-designing and improving the BC platform. BrightLounge visited the team in Bucharest, Romania, shared our thoughts and wishes for Business Catalyst, and talked with Bogdan about his story and the strategic choices he had to make after becoming part of Adobe. It was a great experience and unique opportunity to meet the team at Adobe Romania, and we are excited to share this interview with you, whether you are web designers that are Business Catalyst veterans like us, or you just started using it as part of the Creative Cloud.

Since we are talking about entrepreneurs creating successful businesses, the remainder of this episode of BrightLounge is about some of the tools, apps and processes in our workflows, that we use every day working at Velora Studios and on other projects.

It’s always useful to learn about other designer’s workflows and favorite applications, so we have included a bunch of examples for you, such as:

  • using Text Expander to save time writing e-mails and code
  • saving images of your designs and using Kaleidoscope to see the adjustments
  • using RescueTime and to-do lists to manage your time effectively
  • finding the right color schemes with ColorSchemer
  • using Cornerstone as part of the your development practice

We would love to hear your thoughts on how can designers spend less time on routine tasks and become more productive. Also, if you have suggestions for future topics or know of a great guest for the next BrightLounge, send an e-mail or connect with us on Twitter!

Enjoy and remember to share this episode with your friends!